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Commuters encouraged to think about working from home

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Did you know Ballarat commuters spend up to four hours on the train every day travelling to and from work in Melbourne?

That almost 20 hours every week they lose from spending time with their family and friends.To help commuters gain some of this time back, the City of Ballarat is encouraging commuters to Stay in May.

The Stay in May campaign aims to promote working from home, or a local business or co-working space, to improve commuters’ lifestyle habits and act as an economic booster to the local business community.

Commuters can participate by signing up for Stay in May at stayinmay.eventbrite.com.au

As part of the campaign participants will receive discount vouchers to support local business and trial co-working spaces.

This campaign is an initiative of the City of Ballarat’s Economic Development team.

Ballarat Mayor Samantha McIntosh said, “When it comes to flexible working and co-working spaces, Ballarat is certainly leading the way. But just because you work outside the city, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have access to the same flexible working options.

“What we’re trying to achieve through this campaign is encouraging commuters to arrange with their workplaces to work from home more often.
“This not only gives then more free time to spend with their family and  friends, but it’s providing commuters the option to work in Ballarat where they are supporting more Ballarat businesses.

“It also means you have the option to avoid the train, or bus, altogether when any future rail works are announced.”