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An Invite to ‘HALT’ Breakfast

A great event for tradies will be taking place in Ballarat later this month – HALT (Hope Assistance Local Tradies) Breakfast.
The purpose of HALT is to remind tradies they are valued by their community, and direct them to support services, both local and national, should they need them.

HALT also works in conjunction with communities to host ‘SAVE YOUR BACON’ breakfasts and on May 28th Ballarat Connected Communities is running such a breakfast, which will include guest speaker Jeremy Forbes, the co-founder of “HALT Breakfast”.

Jeremy, a trade qualified painter and decorator in Castlemaine for almost 20 years, has experienced the highs and lows associated with the building industry financially, physically and mentally, and would like tradies to be more conscious of how depression, stress, tiredness and frustration can impact their lives and loved ones around them.

This is a free event but registration is required at eventbrite.com.au