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Ballarat Yacht Club Weekend Results

Rudder Shield 4th May 2019
By Quinton Wilkinson

A great day of sailing was had for the annual Rudder shield for Jubilee Sailors .
A teams race where every team sails a different boat each race . Teams from Ballarat Yacht club 2 teams, Cronulla Yacht club, Sorrento 2 teams, Albert Park Yacht club, Brighton / Daylesford Yacht club and Cairn Curran Yacht club sailed for the shield . A moderate breeze of 4 to 10 knots was had for the day from the South and South West 3 races in the morning with a quick sausage sizzle then 4 races in the afternoon
1st Ballarat Yacht Club Number 2 team
2nd Albert Park Yacht club
3rd Cronulla Yacht club
4th Sorrento Number 1 team
5th Ballarat Yacht club Number 1 team
6th Sorrento Yacht club Number 2 team
7th Cairn Curran Yacht club
8th Brighton/Daylesford Yacht club