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Ballarat Draft Municipal Emergency Management Plan

The Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee has reviewed and updated the City of Ballarat’s draft Municipal Emergency Management Plan 2019-2021.

Now your thoughts are wanted.

The plan is now available for community feedback online at mysay.vic.gov.au. Consultation closes on Friday 31 May, 2019.

Coping with hazards is the reason and focus for planning.  Hazards exist within all communities, whether they are recognised or not.  Experience shows that good planning for the use of resources in preventative (risk management) activities, in the response to emergencies and towards the recovery of affected communities and environments, can significantly lessen the harmful effects of those emergencies.

The draft Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMPlan) has been produced pursuant to Section 20(1) of the Emergency Management Act 1986.

This plan addresses the prevention of, response to and recovery from, emergencies within the City of Ballarat.  It is the result of the cooperative efforts of the Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee (MEMPC) and recognises the previous planning activities of the municipal area.

This Municipal Emergency Management Plan has a life span of three years but is reviewed annually in line with review of the overarching Municipal Emergency Management Plan, or importantly, after an emergency event.