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Ballarat Public School Investment Promise

Federal Member for Ballarat, Catherine King and Shadow Assistant Minister for Education, Andrew Giles today announced that a Shorten Labor Government will invest over $200,000 in capital upgrades at eight Ballarat schools.

The announcement includes $76,270 to upgrade Ballarat High School’s boatshed and $50,000 towards a fixed shade structure at Myrniong Primary School.

“We all know how good the public schools across our region are – but the reality of school budgets means that capital works of this type have to be funded through community fundraising,” Ms King said.

“These investments will mean that these schools can upgrade their facilities, strengthen their communities, and offer safer and more engaging classes and activities to their students.”

Ballarat High School

The Ballarat High School funding will allow the school to replace the deck of their boatshed – meaning that the school’s rowers and students can safely use the facility during training, competition and school PE lessons.

“We are thrilled to announce this outdoor sports project supporting Ballarat High School’s distinguished rowing program,” Mr Giles said.

“Ballarat High School’s rowers and students will now have the high-quality facilities to match their skills and efforts,” Ms King said.

“These students put in their time and effort, and I’m delighted to be able to announce that a Labor Government would give them the support they need to get outside and get active.

“The Ballarat High School community is strong, and this investment will allow it to accomplish even more.”

Myrniong Primary School

The Myrniong Primary School funding will allow the construction of a fixed shade structure over the playground.

As the main playground in Myrniong, this facility is used by the wider community over holidays and weekends – this investment will ensure that the kids of Myrniong can be sun smart as they play outside.

“This project in Myrniong will help promote sun safety and facilitate school learning, play and comfort outdoors,” Mr Giles said.

“We all know how important it is that kids get outside and get active”, Ms King said.

“We also know how important it is to be sun smart and protect our skin from sun damage while we’re outdoors”.

“This project will make it easier for students and families around Myrniong to get active, whether it is at play lunch or over the weekend”.

“This is a great project that will make a real difference in this community”.

The other projects to be funded by a Shorten Labor government are:

  • $25,000 towards STEM facilities at Gordon Primary School
  • $20,000 towards an outdoor classroom at Creswick North Primary School
  • $18,000 towards sheltered seating at Balliang East Primary School
  • $15,000 towards upgrading the art space at Warrenheip Primary School
  • $11,925 towards the STEM lab at Canadian Lead Primary School
  • $9,182 towards a stage at Mount Blowhard Primary School