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Ballarat and District Golf Results

Clunes Golf Club
Wednesday Competition 10/4/19
Winner Michael Cheshire +4
Runner Up Ray Skinner +1
NTP 3rd Ray Skinner
NTP 7th Karson Osbourne-Purser
Magpie Ball Lawrie Lees
Sunday Competition 14-4-19
Winner Brendon Butler 43 points
Runner-up Michael Cheshire 40 points
NTP 3rd Michael Cheshire
NTP 7th Ian Rowland

Ballarat Golf Club
Open Veterans Single Stableford 9.4.19
A Grade
First Rob Wallace 40pts
Second Rick Schwanker 37pts
Third Paul Kiely 36pts C/B Ken Vale, Arnold Masters
B Grade
First Peter Netherway 39pts
Second Neville Brown 38pts
Third Peter Whittaker 37pts C/B Ian McKinnon
Ball Comp
Ian McKinnon 37
Ken Vale 36
Arnold Masters 36
Eric Christopher 36
Keith Boast 36
David Robinson 36
Rob Ryan 35
Michael Hallahan 35
Gary Knight 35
Daryl Walker 35
Brian Francis 35
Ballarat Golf Club
Wednedsday Women’s Faull Plate 10/4/19
Winners Jill Taylor Faull Jeanette Fry 51 pts
Runner Up Kay Johnston Faye Butcher 48 pts
Third Mary Cannon Coralie Kennedy 45 pts
Fourth Claire Heinz Anne Hunt 43 pts
Fifth Kristie Kennedy Katherine Grace 43 pts
Sixth Julie Gilmore Julie Steiger 42 pts
NTP 8th Members Maryanne Carr Guest Rosie Jakobi
NTP 11th Members Lynn Hadfield Guest Helen McSparron
NTP 17th Members Kym Erbacher Guest Betty Lawrence
A Grade
First Ian Corcoran 40C/B
Second Andrew Yanner 40
Third Cam Crilly 39
B Grade
First David Lockett 40
Second Michael Taylor 39C/B
Third Geoff Leslie 39
Nearest the Pin
17th Braden Christofferson
Ball Comp
Matthew Stewart 38
Trent Chamberlin 38
Tony Crocker 38
Rhys Hines 38
THURSDAY 11.04.19 RESULTS 18 Hole & 9 Hole Single Stableford
A Grade
First Ryan Wilson 38
Second Rob Ryan 37 C/B
Third Wayne Hines 37 C/B
B Grade
First Don Stewart 38
Second Tony Spiers 37 C/B
Third Daryl Browning 37
Nearest the Pin
17th David Todd
9 Hole Winner
1st Noel Harrington 22 pts
Ball Comp
David Todd 37
Paddy Murphy 35
Michael Hallahan 37
Peter Burke 35
Peter Bath 35
Peter Brady 35
Tom Hipke 35
Rod Cassells 35
Rudy Jansen 35
Anthony Cross 35
Singles Stableford 13.4.19
OVERALL WINNER: – Carl Eddy 45 points
A Grade
Winner Liam Caldwell 43
Runner up Alistair Haase 40 c/b
Third Geoff Reed 40
B Grade
First Bob Cooper 39 c/b
Runner up Jim Watkins 39
Third David Chapis 38 c/b Gary Fry
C Grade
First Carl Eddy 45
Runner up Rod Brauman 40
Third Graham Ross 39
Winner Christine Kennedy 38
Runner up Jen Forbes 35
Nearest the Pin
6th Kacee Kirwan-Hamilton
6th Ladies Annette Townsend
8th A Grade Kacee Kirwan-Hamilton
8th B Grade Jesse Jordan
8th C Grade Jason Sims
11th Mixed Bob LeMarshall
17th A Grade Wazza Hinves
17th B Grade Tim Creek
17th Ladies Annette Townsend
Birdies 8th Hole
Gaz Compston
Ashley Hadler
Bob Cooper
Andy Yanner

Buninyong Golf Club
Womens Stableford RSL Day Competition 13 Apr 2019
1 McSparron, Helen 40
2 Dovaston, Christine 38
3 Prato, Nikki 38
4 Treweek, Lyn 36
Ball Rundowns
Pascoe, Helen 35
Hatton, Carmel 34
Bevern, Marlene 34
Antonio, Cheryl 33
Parnell, Berry 33
Straightest Drive Waight, Elaine
Longest Drive Prato, Nikki
NTP 2nd Pascoe, Helen
NTP 12th Antonio, Cheryl
8th Pascoe, Helen
17th Pascoe, Helen
Birdies Hole Bevern, Marlene 12th
Mens Stableford RSL Day Competition
Div 1
1 Prowse, Peter 45
2 Taylor, Steve 43
3 Stubbs, Russell 43
4 Dyson, Brett 42
Div 2
1 Stuart, Darren 43
2 Howard, Ian 41
3 Carpenter, Ken 41
4 Anderson, Rod 39
Div 3
1 Dwyer, Geoffrey 42
2 Ferguson, Jarrod 42
3 Kruger, Chris 41
4 Hanrahan, Jacob 41
Ball Rundowns
Savage, Col 40
Redford, Peter 39
Nelson, Peter 39
Johnston, Christopher 39
Mitchell, Ian 39
Smith, Trevor 39
Dewar, Geoff 38
Frost, Bruce 38
McDowell, Richard 38
Aggett, Gordon 38
Watkins, Colin 38
Aggett, Junior 37
Straightest Drive Gleeson, Marty
Best Score Day Prowse, Peter
Service Shield Carpenter, Ken
Longest Drive 0-15 Uebergang, Stephen
Longest Drive 16-36 Edwards, Mark
NTP 2nd Dewar, Geoff
NTP 8th Paige, Clete
NTP 17th Picken, Dean
NTP 18th 2nd shot Frost, Bruce
Birdies 12th
Howard, Ian
Stubbs, Russell
Gow, Leigh
Carman, Glenn
Thurgood, Richard
Robertson, John
Christopher, Eric
McPhan, David

Skipton Golf Club
13th April 2019: Members played a Stableford Event
Past players and guests joined members for a special event which was held as some current players will not be rejoining the Club this season.
Normal country style afternoon tea followed with many special delights, cream sponges and cakes. With lots of stories told.
Please Note: The current Saturday Competition Golf will be in recess until further notice.
A-Grade: Scratch to 14 H’Cap
Winner: G. Lucas 41 points } Both had 67 nett
R/Up: P. Sproules 40 points }
J. Stimson 38 points
N. Winnell 38 points
A. Lamont 33points
P. Briody 33 points
G. Simpson 32 points
D. Jennings 32 points
B-Grade: H’Cap 15 and Over
Winner: G. Keilar 37 points
R/Up: K. Steart 33 points
M. Richardson 33 points
L. Lees 30 points
NTP 4th/13th: J. Stimson
NTP 7th/16th: J. Stimson
Birdies: 7th P. Sproules
Magpie Ball: 5th & 14th P. Sproules