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Ballarat Park Planned Burn

Forest Fire Management Victoria has scheduled a 72-hectare planned burn within Woowookarung Regional Park in Ballarat’s south-eastern suburb of Canadian for Friday 12 April.

Regional Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Tony English said: “While this planned burn will be carried out by experienced fire crews under carefully managed conditions, people across Ballarat will see and smell smoke from its ignition.

“Specifically located north of Kennedy and Clayton Streets and extending into areas to the east and south-east of Pax Hill Scout Camp, the burn will be confined by the scout camp access road to the north, and Boundary Road to the east,” Mr English said.

“We are aware of the existence of culturally and historically-sensitive sites within the burn area, which will be deliberately excluded. “Additionally, wildlife and the environment are also important considerations. Our fire crews follow careful processes before, during and after a burn to make sure the impacts on indigenous flora and fauna are as minimal as possible. Our aim is to do everything we can to keep resident wildlife safe, while reducing the immediate bushfire risk to the community.

“This ‘Canadian Boundary’ burn contributes to a broader fuel management program for forest areas surrounding Ballarat, which is critical to providing the highest level of localised protection to human life, property and community assets.

“We will also be conducting other planned burns across the Midlands District in coming days, particularly between Trentham and Blackwood.

“We work closely with the Bureau of Meteorology and will only undertake scheduled planned burns if the weather conditions and fuel moisture levels are favourable on the day.

“Smoke may linger over several days after the completion of a planned burn, particularly if there is no wind to clear it. This can be due to vegetation, trees and logs continuing to smoulder after the burn is conducted.

“Once planned burns are complete, our crews will continue patrolling the burn sites for a number of days to ensure community safety”.

People experiencing symptoms due to smoke exposure should seek medical advice or call NURSE-ON-CALL on 1300 60 60 24.