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Top End Wedding

Starring Miranda Tapsell and Gwilym Lee
Directed by Wayne Blair
Genre Comedy
Rated M
Runs 102 Minutes

Think Muriel’s Wedding, or the overstuffed and elegant Strictly Ballroom, and this hilarious new film starring Australia’s own Miranda Tapsell and Gwilym Lee is a real romp. Directed by Wayne Blair of The Sapphires fame, “Top End Wedding” follows the ups and downs of a nearly-disastrous wedding. Tapsell plays Lauren, a successful lawyer from Darwin who now calls Sydney home.

When her partner, Ned (Gwilym Lee) pops the question, the two long term lovers decide to leave Sydney and go back to Lauren’s hometown for the wedding. But before long they encounter a massive problem: Lauren’s mysterious mother has gone missing somewhere in the Northern Territory, and the young bride-to-be refuses to get married before she finds her.

So begins a road trip across the territory as Lauren and Ned fight off crocodiles, Bogan helicopter pilots, and annoying relatives, all while trying to locate the missing mum in time for the wedding. Although the plot might sound a little familiar, the director implies that “Top End Wedding” is going to be something special and with its scenes of Ned’s parents, sheltered white baby boomers, immersing themselves in Indigenous culture. The result is very funny indeed. This Aussie film set to open next month will attract many viewers especially those who love Australian humour.

Score 7 Out of 10