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Miners Rest Township Plan deferred

Ballarat City Council voted to defer a decision on a revised Miners Rest Township Plan at its April 3 meeting.

The Council voted to defer consideration of the plan, and defer any referral to the Planning Minister, until the following has been provided:

  1. The completion of the Dowling Forest Equine Precinct Planning Controls Master Plan review
  2. The examination of the draft future use and rezoning proposal for the former Boral quarry at Miners Rest
  3. The impact of any current or future options for the Ballarat Airport on surrounding land; and
  4. The impact of any proposed Northern Growth Area as part of the current Growth Area Planning investigations being undertaken in conjunction with the Victorian Planning Authority.

There was also a second part of the motion that stated a progress report be provided on these matters to Council when major time frames have been reached and by the end of June 2019.

The initial draft plan was changed to strengthen recommendations in relation to a number of community priority outcomes, including flood mitigation, improvement of Burrumbeet Creek, Dowling Forest Equine Precinct planning controls and potential future school and local sports facilities sites.  The plan also clearly presents the challenges and opportunities for the two parts of Miners Rest – the original northern township and newer areas south of Cummins Road.

Over the past two years, Council has worked closely with the community to develop the Miners Rest Township Plan, which aims to:

  • Establish a long-term community vision for Miners Rest
  • Develop a prioritised action plan
  • Guide the City of Ballarat and other authorities to prioritise investment in the region
  • Provide a sound basis for the community and City of Ballarat to apply for grants or lobby for funding
  • Identify potential Ballarat Planning Scheme changes to implement land use planning actions

It would guide and manage future land use and development until 2040 based on the themes of:

  • Celebrate Miners Rest’s historic and natural assets
  • Establish a connected and unified township and community
  • Facilitate township growth and prosperity

Eleven priority action areas have been identified including:

  • Flood mitigation
  • Burrumbeet Creek environmental improvement
  • Upgraded Miners Rest Primary School
  • New active sporting facilities
  • Manage change to keep the township character
  • New, connected walking trails and Burrumbeet linear parkland
  • Tree lined boulevard
  • A vibrant town centre
  • Identify growth and new housing areas
  • Embrace and celebrate the equine industry and integrate into the township
  • More local jobs and services