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Councillors Vote Yes to CEO report at Council meetings

City of Ballarat Chief Executive Officer Justine Linley will provide an operational report to each Ballarat City Council meeting.

Councillors voted at the April 3 meeting to request the CEO provide the report to highlight issues and outcomes affecting the organisation’s performance.

While Ballarat City Council is responsible for setting Ballarat’s strategic direction, the CEO is its sole employee and is responsible for establishing the organisational structure and resource implementation to achieve Council’s objectives.

Often the breadth of the City of Ballarat’s operations, services and achievements are not as clear as they could be and are only reported to Ordinary Council Meetings as part of more formal reporting requirements, such as the Annual Report or Council Plan progress report.

The CEO will provide an operational report to each Council meeting to highlight not only the organisation’s achievements but also the challenges and issues confronting staff and officers in their service delivery. With over 1100 staff and over 700 volunteers the work undertaken by the City of Ballarat to support our community on a daily basis is both extensive and important.

The report will include, but not be limited by, the operational areas of Infrastructure and Environment, Community Services and Development, Prosperity, Finance and Audit, Design-led City, Integrated Transport and Land-use Planning, and Clever City and Knowledge Economy.