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Works on Stage 2 of Civic Hall begin

With restoration works complete on the interior and parts of the exterior of the Ballarat Civic Hall, attention is now focused on the development of GovHub, a new government office precinct on the Civic Hall site.

Demolition has begun to make way for the new building, which will house up to 1000 government employees, including some of the 600 public sector positions being relocated from Melbourne.

The GovHub design includes:

  • A new glassed conservatory between the Civic Hall and the GovHub that will create a welcoming microclimate and a strong public link between Civic Hall and the new office building;
  • An active ground floor with spaces for commercial/retail and public use that will be refined as the design progresses. The ground floor podium will carry the bricks and masonry theme of the surrounding precinct through its design
  • A reconstructed ‘lower hall’ space equivalent to the existing lower hall in volume. This will be a shared space that might be used for a café/bar, gallery space, live music venue or gathering space;
  • A new civic plaza on Mair Street and a central plaza that will connect the GovHub, Civic Hall and the library;
  • Strong pedestrian links to the Ballarat CBD and Ballarat Station;
  • Five storeys of office space with large windows to the north and south offering lots of natural light and creating a strong visual connection to the Ballarat CBD;
  • Basement carparking and end-of-trip facilities to encourage walking and cycling.
Saturday morning a crane working with speed and efficiency tears down the earmarked section of the Ballarat Civic Hall. Photo Alan Marini