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Ballarat response to new Federal Government population policy

Ballarat Mayor Cr Samantha McIntosh says Ballarat will embrace the dual opportunities to welcome new residents and for further growth, that will be afforded by the Federal Government’s ‘Plan for Australia’s Future Population’ released this week.

Cr McIntosh says Ballarat has the jobs, the capacity, the infrastructure, the enthusiasm and the support services in place to welcome migrants who choose to settle in regional Australia under the proposed new guidelines.

“City of Ballarat has a strong history of working to support diversity and multiculturalism in our community.  We have jobs available across a range of sectors, supported by an outstanding secondary and tertiary education offering”, Mayor McIntosh said.

“Our housing is affordable and long waits in traffic are non-existent.  We are working with government to continually improve the transport networks and social infrastructure facilities that ensure residents enjoy a great quality of life in Ballarat”.

“City of Ballarat will work with governments at all levels to ensure it can accommodate people who choose to live in the city as a response to the changes outlined by the Prime Minister today, including lobbying for further funding to upgrade infrastructure”, Cr McIntosh said.

“Life in a regional city like Ballarat is full of positives, without the negatives that big city living sometimes brings.”