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First Artwork in Ballarat Sculpture Park Unveiled

Murrup Laar, the first public artwork project in the new sculpture park in the North Gardens,   was unveiled on Saturday night to the sounds and movement of a corroboree.

Deanne Gilson was the first artist commissioned for the project and with her proud family looking on and involved on the night, Deanne could not help but be emotional.

She said the sculpture was not about her and the stones go deeper than her name and replete her spirit.

“The stones we have created is a place of peace and reflection for all people to come and enjoy them and also learn about Aboriginal culture and our past,” she said.

“They recreate a place of ceremony and celebration, following what ancestors did on this country for thousands of years through ceremony, dance, song, language and dreaming.

“The stones, although they are a time capsule to the past, they can’t bring back or change the past after colonisation but can open our eyes to a better future.

“This future, to me, is without racism, starvation, poverty, oppression, violence against all people from all religious and racial denominations.  They form a gap between reconciliation and healing for my people and allow new cultures from around the whole world, not just Ballarat, to be part of them.

“The stones are not really by Deanne Gilson, they exist for all of you here.  Please walk through them and take time to reflect on your peace and your harmony within this space.”