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Committee for Ballarat Chief to Lead Hospital Redevelopment

Melanie Robertson, current CEO of Committee for Ballarat, has been announced as Executive Director Redevelopment and Infrastructure at Ballarat Health Services (BHS). The newly created role will be responsible for leading the redevelopment of the Ballarat Hospital site, with construction due to commence in 2020.

Melanie is excited to be driving the project and BHS infrastructure teams, as it allows her to deep dive into an area of crucial need for our growing region. “My 3 years at Committee for Ballarat have provided me with a broad perspective of the challenges and opportunities facing our region. I see this role as a natural next step for me to be involved in providing our community with the required capability and services to reflect our growing needs for the provision of world class health facilities and services.

“Committee for Ballarat uses vision, strategy, engagement and influence to help create a better future for Ballarat and region. As Sir Bob Geldof said to us at the recent RoundTable dinner, the most effective way to influence change for the better is to act at a local level. I am thrilled at the prospect of working with the team at Ballarat Health Services to achieve a truly significant redevelopment project which will impact the health and wellbeing of our community”.

Aside from Melanie’s experience working across all levels of government and championing the voice of local business, she has a background in health, engineering and the energy sector.

“The Ballarat Hospital redevelopment is a key opportunity to build infrastructure capable of meeting the health needs of the community for the next 30 years. This role is a unique chance to drive innovative clinical practice to meet the current and emerging needs of patients,” said Dale Fraser, CEO of Ballarat Health Services. “We recognise the unique vision, network and experience Melanie will bring to the role and are very pleased to continue on our journey to providing world class healthcare to the communities we serve.”

The Executive Director Redevelopment and Infrastructure is a member of the BHS Executive Management Team and has leadership accountability for:

  • Capital projects
  • Asset Management
  • Biomedical engineering services
  • Engineering services
  • Infrastructure projects