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BFNL Announces New Look for Southern Mounties

The McDonald’s Ballarat Football Netball League is pleased to announce an exciting new chapter for the Southern Mounties as they enter 2019 with a brand-new look

With the introduction of the Western Bulldogs U9 football teams, it was the perfect time to evaluate the junior club’s brand and logo to ensure it was in sync with who they are and the direction they are heading.

After careful consideration, a new logo was chosen that pays homage to their past, but places a modern look to appeal to their young members and to symbolize their dynamic future.

The Southern Cross stars from the original logo plays a major part in the new design with the stars aligning and symbolizing each of the age groups that represent their club each weekend.

An intimidating Mountain range protrudes out of the predominate name of who they are- The Southern Mounties

Southern Mounties jumpers and Netball dresses have also introduced a new colour to the Southern Mounties strip to avoid colour clashes going forward with North Ballarat and Darley. The cyan blue introduction to the colour scheme provides a striking point of difference.

They are proud and respectful of their past, but also understand the importance of remaining relevant in their appeal to attract young people to the club and they cannot wait to run out in their new uniforms, and we can’t wait to see it happen.