Home Sport Ballarat Yacht Club Races Results 23/03/2019

Ballarat Yacht Club Races Results 23/03/2019

A port course and changeable winds from the North swinging to the North westerly, pretty consistent from 12 to 18 knots in the first race and the slightly lower winds 8 to 12 knots in the second race. Good sailing was had with 8 jubilees, 8 lasers and 3 420s, which was great to see. We know have 6 420s in the club so a new class is imminent and great racing between Dave Wilson and Jonna Malloney Wise was a sight to see as the crew hung out on the trapeze with the wind, excellent racing.

Race 25
Jubilee Class Scratch
1st Scorpion: Charlie Weatherly
2nd Red Leg: Russel Hawkes
3rd Shiraz: Brian Canny
4th Colourmegone: John Brewer,
5th Jemima: Leone Crosbie
6th Sarawaki: Michael Morrow
7th Manna 11: John Cameron
8th Golden Girl: Jo Luciani
Race 26
Jubilee Class Handicap
1st Jemima: Leone Crosbie
2nd Manna 11: John Cameron
3rd Red Leg: Russel Hawkes
4th Scorpion: Charlie Weatherly
5th Shiraz: Brian Canny
6th Colourmegone: John Brewer,
7th Golden Girl: Jo Luciani
8th Sarawaki: Michael Morrow

Bit of congestion at the start.
Great afternoon for sailing.