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Statement From City Of Ballarat

The City of Ballarat takes the safety of its community very seriously.

So when our logo is featured on marketing collateral for an event which we refused a permit for, we’re not simply going to just sit back and stay quiet.

Today we formally refused an event application for the Ballarat Easter Festival which is due to take place at Victoria Park on Saturday 20 April.

We refused it not because we do not support community events like this, but because the event organisers did not submit a risk management plan sufficient enough to ensure the safety and security of those attending.

What’s concerning is that event organisers commenced advertising the event before a permit had been considered, with marketing collateral featuring the City of Ballarat’s logo.
We did not give anyone permission to use our logo, and we have requested it be removed from all marketing collateral.

We support a range of great community events in our municipality, providing grants and support to event organisers. But we also have a duty of care and a regulatory responsibility to make sure people are safe at these events.

This might sound like a simple family-orientated Easter event, but we have processes in place for a reason.

We also do not want other event organisers who go through the correct process to be disadvantaged by those who do not.

One event which did go through the right processes and had its application approved was the Power FM and Mars Wrigley Confection 2019 Easter Egg Hunt, which will take place on Saturday 20 April at Alfred Deakin Place.

We do not want this event being overshadowed by our decision to refuse another, so we encourage community members to keep this wonderful homegrown event in mind when planning your Easter weekend in Ballarat.

We simply ask the community not to believe everything you read, and understand that we are no in anyway associated with the Ballarat Easter Festival.

And please remember, if you are planning an event in Ballarat our Community Events team can assist you with pre-permit application advice and assistance.