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Ararat man meets paramedics who saved his life

Jenny Mikakos Ambulance Services Minister was in Wendouree yesterday to meet John Jordan and two paramedics who saved the 67-year-olds life in October, last year.

The Ararat man is the 500th person who was given a new clot-busting treatment after he suffered a heart attack in his home.

“It has been a great pleasure for me to come along today and to personally thank our amazing paramedics here, who do such incredible work every single day,” Ms Mikakos said.

“I particularly want to acknowledge the important work that has occurred over the past couple of years in administering the pre-hospital thrombolysis treatment.”

Ararat paramedics Christine Findlay and Catherine Brady were dispatched to Mr Jordan’s home after a 000 call by his wife.

Catherine recalls the day that they were dispatched to Mr Jordan’s home, “Christine and I were on night shift and we got a callout for someone with chest pain and it turned out to be John.

“When we arrived John looked quite unwell and we took an ECG straight away and transmitted to a cardiologist and after that Christine got on the phone to a clinician and cardiologist after that and we arranged to give our clot busting drug.”

The pair also treated his chest pain with pain relief.

“It’s fantastic to see John here today, really thrilled to see that he is doing so well and it’s nice to see that our treatment has such a good, positive effect,” Catherine said.

Christine added that it had been a busy start to their shift and it was just after midnight  when they received the call to attend John.

“When we walked in John was in his bedroom and he looked in pain, he had massive chest pain, looked sweaty and was nauseous and we sort of gave each other that side glimpse and thought this isn’t good.

“So we put our paramedic hat on, as we do, and jumped into action and got it all happening.

“It’s amazing to see the change that we see in John Today.  He looks well, which is lovely and he has gone about his daily routine, which is even more wonderful.”

John said that he vividly remembers the night he suffered a heart attack, saying he was initially woken by chest pains about 11.45 pm.

“I said to my wife that something was going on and could she get me to hospital.  I stood up, went grey and she said I wasn’t going anywhere and called the ambulance and they were here in about 8 minutes,” he said.

“They worked on me, at home, for about an hour and a half and then shipped me to Ballarat, put the stent in and by basically quarter past four I was back in ICU, which is just amazing.”

John said he stayed in hospital for two weeks.

“When I returned home I was a bit slow but I am back at work.  I get a bit tired in the afternoon but I feel good,” he said.

Member for Wendouree Juliana Addison and Ambulance Services Minister Jenny Mikakos meet John Jordan, the 500th person to have been administered a clot-busting drug.