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Miners Rest Sale Yards

Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) has revoked an official Pollution Abatement Notice (PAN) issued to CVLX, the operators of the Ballarat Saleyards.

EPA has assessed that CVLX has complied with the actions required under the notice, which was issued on 10 January 2019.

However, there is more to be done in dealing with the concerns raised by the Miners Rest community and in EPA’s routine role as the environmental regulator as it applies to the saleyards’ ongoing operations.

EPA will continue to assess odour from the premises and may require further works at the site.

The PAN required that CVLX modify cleaning activities to prevent offensive odours being emitted into the residential areas surrounding the premises.

EPA inspections confirm that odour from the premises has been significantly reduced since the company changed its cleaning to a mechanical/dry process, no longer washing the saleyards down with water.  CVLX has also drained and cleaned the pond where much of the wash-down water had been collecting.

EPA officers and a consultant odour expert inspected the site and the township on 5 March 2019, and EPA may issue the company with additional official notices requiring further actions.

EPA officers have carried out odour surveillance in and around Miners Rest approximately 30 times over two months, visiting on different days of the week, at different times and in different operating conditions.  On three occasions, they verified a stronger odour attributable to saleyards operations, with weaker or intermittent odour noted on seven occasions.  On each occasion, odour was found to be impacting a narrow area directly downwind of the site.

Analysis of pollution reports has not found a consistent pattern of when odour is being experienced in the community, although Tuesday sale days are a more common time for reports to be received.

EPA will continue to consider any necessary remedial or enforcement action in line with our Compliance and Enforcement Policy.