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Begonia Display get Your Cameras Ready

Tens of thousands of people are expected to wander through the Ballarat Botanical Gardens this long weekend, but there is one showstopper that will have visitors pulling out their cameras in droves.

The Ballarat Begonia Festival’s namesake – the Begonia Display – is one of the festival’s most Instagrammed activities.

This year’s display features six hundred tuberous and non-tuberous Begonias from the City of Ballarat’s famous Begonia collection.

The City of Ballarat’s Parks and Gardens Team have been growing the tuberous begonias since Spring, with staff now busy putting the finishing touches on this year’s Begonia Display ahead of the festival opening on Saturday 9 March at 10am.

Entry to the Begonia Display is free.

Another highlight of the 2019 Begonia Display is the Begonia Towers which feature more than two hundred Begonia boliviensis Bossa Nova.

Each year, the City of Ballarat’s Parks and Gardens Apprentices also create a display to feature at the festival – showcasing everything they have learnt during their time with the Parks and Gardens team.

This year the apprentices have worked collaboratively to create a tranquil Japanese-inspired garden.

Presented by the City of Ballarat, the 2019 Ballarat Begonia Festival is free and will be held at the Ballarat Botanical Gardens between 9-11 March 2019.