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Clean Up Australia Day

Ballarat and district residents heeded the call and donned on gloves, boots and hats and helped clean up their neighbourhood.
It began on Friday with Schools and Youth Clean Up Day on Friday and culminated with Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday.
Ballarat had 10 registered sites but it was heartening to see residents cleaning up their own neighbourhoods, as well.

For a number of years the Yarrowee River in Redan has attracted volunteers on Clean Up Australia Day.
The Yarrowee River drains the majority of water from Ballarat City and consequently a lot of the plastic that is left on the streets finds its way into the Yarrowee River.

Each year up to 100 kgs of plastic are removed from the area.
On Sunday a group of scouts joined the large group of volunteers at the site.

Site organiser Colin Palmer said 60 volunteers helped to collect around 70 bags of rubbish.