Home News Ballarat Health Services to Deliver Cardiology Pharmacy Clinic via Telehealth

Ballarat Health Services to Deliver Cardiology Pharmacy Clinic via Telehealth

A new Cardiology Pharmacist Clinic at Ballarat Health Services (BHS) will soon provide access to a specialist pharmacist for people living with heart disease in the Grampians region. The ground-breaking TOPCare Cardiology service will commence in March 2019.

The Cardiology Pharmacist Clinic will be delivered via telehealth, with patients connecting with a pharmacist via a computer or a device in their own home. This builds on the existing telehealth program within specialist outpatient clinics at Ballarat Health Services.

During an appointment with the Cardiology Pharmacist Clinic, the patient will be able to discuss their current medicines and their response to therapy with the pharmacist. The pharmacist will create a summary of their current medicines that the cardiologist can view at the patient’s next appointment.

The expected benefits of the service include that cardiologists will spend less time gathering medicines information during appointments and more time focusing on therapy. Patients will also have the chance to learn more about their medicines in a one on one consultation with a pharmacist.

“The new service is essential to helping patients understand their medicines better,” says Dr Dinesh Natarajan, a cardiologist at BHS.

“Often in appointments patients are unable to describe what medicines they are taking and how often. The benefits of the pharmacist collecting this information before their appointment are enormous. I can spend much more time making sure that the medicines are working as well as they can for that patient,” says Dr Natarajan.