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Ballarat and District Golf Results

Midlands Golf Club

There was 134 men playing Saturday which included the finalists for the Midlands 2019 Men’s Club Championship. The 2019 Midlands Men’s Club Champion for 2019 is Craig Boucher with a combined total scratch score of 294 over the four rounds, while the event for the day was won by Barry Mathews with a great nett score of 68.
Midlands 2019 Men’s Club Championship Results
A Grade: (Scratch)
1st Craig Boucher (76,70,74,74 = 294)
2nd Corey Haase (77,70,75,73 = 295)
B Grade (Scratch)
1st Ben Mucenieks (81,79,84,84 = 328)
2nd Duncan Ritchie (83,80,82,84 = 329)
C Grade (Scratch)
1st Ian Penberthy (86,90,90,91 = 357) won on play off hole
2nd Mark Malone (85,96,87,89 = 357)
D Grade (Scratch)
1st Alan Burns (93,97,92,93 = 375) won on play off hole
2nd Tim Grummett (94,94,93,95 = 376)
A Grade: (Nett)
1st David Ross (72,72,72,72 = 288)
B Grade (Nett)
1st Gary Morrison (66,70,69,79 = 284)
C Grade (Nett)
1st Jeroen Boersma (72,73,74,72 = 291)
D Grade (Nett)
1st Lance Midgley (72,75,66,74 = 287)
The Best Nett Score for the 2019 championships was won by Gary Morrison who received the George Bromley Trophy.
The Junior Club Champion for 2019 and receiver of the Keg Dunbar Trophy was Corey Haase.
The Saturday Event Results
A Grade:
1st Trav Britt (70)CB
2nd Chris Tate (70)
3rd Barry Robertson (71)

Creswick Golf Club
Privilege Cup – Wayne Townsing
A Grade
P Medic 37
A Seamons 36
M Smith 35 c/b
B Grade
W Townsing 42
L Hutchinson 38
B Hepper 37
Comp Balls – K Atkinson, R Harris, L Stevens, T Kelly, J Moran, P Oprean, P Bates, G Treacy, I Flynn
NTP’s – 3rd P Bates, 8th S Leonard, 13th D Marshall
Punters – 17th B Anstey
Magpie – 2nd W Townsing
Eagles – 5th and 10th P Medic
Birdies – K Atkinson, P Medic, M Smith, M Loveless, A Seamons
Special – J Shackleton, I Penney, I Flynn
B Grade:
1st Barry Mathews (68)
2nd Barry Antonio (69)
3rd Ryan Elliot (71)CB
C Grade:
1st Kevin Venville (71)
2nd David Dicesare (72)CB
3rd Alan Burns (72)
NTP 3rd hole: Ben Mucenieks
NTP 11th hole: Craig Boucher
NTP 16th hole: Trav Britt
Punters hole: Ian Edwards
Birdie Balls: Garry Harrison, Trav Britt, James Connellan, Simon McKenzie, Rob Beseler