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Ballarat Cricket Association Roundup

The Ballarat Cricket Association has come back from Melbourne Country Week with mixed results. They have finished suitably to be elevated to the Provincial Competition next, which was the aim. They’d also sought to win their Division 2 final, however lost on Friday to Bendigo.

In this week’s results, both of the top of the ladder teams lost. Mt Clear in what ended up a very close result to Darley at home and East Ballarat, also at home, went down to Golden Point.

Darley was well lead by the skipper, Michael Alexander, in a partnership with UK import, Ricky Moore. The pair added 157 for the second wicket, Alexander scoring 86 and Moore 105. There was a batting collapse, which saw 7 wickets for 15 runs! Before Barnes hit the winning runs.

East Ballarat, also, had a big partnership, with their UK import, Lewis Hodgins scoring 87, along with Brad Whittaker making 92. But it wasn’t enough, East losing their last 7 wickets for 31, setting up a good win for Golden Point.

At the Northern Oval, North used the day for batting practice. They’d already secured the 6 points on day 1. Mick Nolan scored a very good 189 against a weakened Wendouree attack. He was joined just prior to tea needing 4 for his century by Adam Eddy. The pair then went on to add 152 for the 9th wicket. North finished on a record 445 from 112 overs, a tough day in the field for Wendouree.

At Napoleons, Buninyong took the 6 points in a low scoring affair. Then at the Western oval Brown Hill secured 6 points against Ballarat Redan.

Just one more Home and Away game next week prior to finals in March.

Results First Grade
Round 14
East Ballarat def by Golden Point
N Bagley c J Eyers b O Hayes 9
A Falkner c T Dixon b C Carter 1
*J White not out 155
M De Zoysa c J Eyers b J Nichols 18
JR Richards c H Ganley b O Hayes 27
S Ogilvie b T Dixon 18
+L Anderson b H Ganley 45
M Harris b J Nichols 15
R Hucker c J Eyers b J Nichols 0
B Van De Heuvel not out 4
Extras 9
Total 8/301 (cc)
Overs 80.0
FOW: 8 (A Falkner) 44 (N Bagley) 68 (M De Zoysa) 134 (JR Richards) 163 (S Ogilvie) 252 (L Anderson) 287 (M Harris) 287 (R Hucker)
Bowling: O Hayes 19.0-5-2-56, C Carter 8.0-0-1-39, C Jerram 15.0-0-0-57, J Nichols 11.0-3-3-36, T Dixon 20.1-0-1-71, H Ganley 5.0-0-1-19, L Hodgins 2.0-0-0-16.
L Hodgins b S Ogilvie 87
T Dixon c L Anderson b B Van De Heuvel 0
H Ganley c J White b D McDonald 25
B Whittaker c N Bagley b S Ogilvie 92
J Blandford c D McDonald b B Van De Heuvel 5
+J Eyers b S Ogilvie 0
C Jerram c M Harris b B Van De Heuvel 4
*J Brown not out 10 O Hayes
c L Anderson b B Van De Heuvel 3
J Nichols c L Anderson b D McDonald 8
C Carter b D McDonald 0
Extras 14
Total 248
Overs 71.4
FOW: 0 (T Dixon) 48 (H Ganley) 198 (L Hodgins) 217 (B Whittaker) 217 (J Eyers) 223 (J Blandford) 226 (C Jerram) 233 (O Hayes) 248 (C Carter) 248 (J Nichols)
Bowling: B Van De Heuvel 19.0-3-4-54, S Ogilvie 20.0-2-3-61, D McDonald 10.4-1-3-37, M De Zoysa 13.0-0-0-55,R Hucker 3.0-1-0-10, M Harris 6.0-0-0-29.

Brown Hill def Ballarat-Redan
M Sandford c R Aikman b J Hayes 4
T Bourke-Finn b S Hope 6
N Clarke c M Hayes b B Thomson 46
*R Knowles c J Hayes b M Hayes 22
J Knowles lbw b J Hayes 89
+P White b B Thomson 12
C Tonkin c M Hayes b M Aikman 2
K Smith lbw b B Thomson 12
T Miller lbw b B Thomson 1
N Steenhuis not out 1
D York b B Thomson 1
Extras 34
Total 230
Overs 66.3
FOW: 11 (M Sandford) 38 (T Bourke-Finn) 73 (R Knowles) 124 (N Clarke) 174 (P White) 181 (C Tonkin) 225 (J Knowles) 225 (K Smith) 228 (T Miller) 230 (D York)
Bowling: B Thomson 15.3-7-5-24, M Aikman 15.0-3-1-37, J Hayes 9.0-0-2-40, S Hope 7.0-1-1-25, M Hayes 9.0-1-1-49, Z Jenkins 9.0-3-0-34, T Sutton 2.0-0-0-2.
CH Wilson b J Knowles 4
LA Fisher c J Knowles b D York 2
M Aikman c P White b T Bourke-Finn 20
*J Hayes c P White b D York 8
R Aikman c N Clarke b J Knowles 6
Z Jenkins c & b J Knowles 40
T Sutton c M Sandford b J Knowles 0
S Allan c P White b J Knowles 0
B Thomson c P White b J Knowles 35
M Hayes not out 4
S Hope st P White b N Steenhuis 12
Extras 12
Total 143
Overs 56.3
FOW: 6 (CH Wilson) 8 (LA Fisher) 20 (J Hayes) 28 (R Aikman) 56 (M Aikman) 57 (T Sutton) 57 (S Allan) 123 (B Thomson) 126 (Z Jenkins) 143 (S Hope)
Bowling: J Knowles 26.0-8-6-49, D York 12.0-1-2-41, T Bourke-Finn 12.0-5-1-27, M Sandford 5.0-1-0-11, R Knowles 1.0-0-0-1, N Steenhuis 0.3-0-1-2.

Mt Clear def by Darley
+JM Smith c R Ali 15
B Moyle b B Barnes 0
DN Fletcher c A Metcalf b H Wickramasinghe 37
NA Yates c D Hoey b R Moore 27
J Burns lbw b B Barnes 53
L Sandwith c A Metcalf b H Wickramasinghe 23
MG Ward b R Moore 74
*DJ Thomson c D Hoey b B Barnes 15
AJ George c B Longhurst b B Barnes 8
T Griffith c B Longhurst b R Moore 8
NZ Hucker not out 3
Extras 9
Total 272
Overs 76.0
FOW: 0 (B Moyle) 36 (JM Smith) 75 (NA Yates) 87 (DN Fletcher) 122 (L Sandwith) 198 (J Burns) 248 (DJ Thomson) 261 (MG Ward) 261 (AJ George) 272 (T Griffith)
Bowling: B Longhurst 12.0-2-1-49, B Barnes 16.0-1-4-69, H Wickramasinghe 21.0-9-2-49, R Moore 15.0-2-3-52, R Ali 4.0-0-0-19, DP Hyatt 8.0-2-0-30.
*M Alexander c & b AJ George 86
R Ali c B Moyle b DJ Thomson 14
R Moore lbw b NA Yates 105
DP Hyatt c JM Smith b AJ George 42
J Cadman run out (NA Yates) 0
A Metcalf c JM Smith b AJ George 3
LG Herring lbw b AJ George 0
B Barnes not out 3
H Wickramasinghe lbw b DJ Thomson 0
B Longhurst lbw b DJ Thomson 0
+D Hoey not out 0
Extras 20
Total 9/273
Overs 66.0
FOW: 22 (R Ali) 179 (M Alexander) 254 (R Moore) 254 (J Cadman) 260 (A Metcalf) 261 (DP Hyatt) 266 (LG Herring) 267 (H Wickramasinghe) 269 (B Longhurst)
Bowling: NA Yates 22.0-5-1-81, DJ Thomson 15.0-4-3-45, J Burns 2.0-0-0-6, AJ George 13.0-2-4-62, T Griffith 5.0-1-0-24, DN Fletcher 6.0-1-0-18, NZ Hucker 3.0-0-0-18.

Napoleons-Sebastopol def by Buninyong
*D Scott c L Rigby b M Ringin 0
L Storey b L Rigby 5
N Doonan c L Brady b B Palmer 35
A Taylor b L Rigby 0
L Corden c W Ringin b B Palmer 10
JF Healey c W Ringin b H Givvens 12
+SO Dunne b B Palmer 4
DJ Carroll c & b B Palmer 5
Z Hunter c M Flynn b B Palmer 0
M Messemaker b H Givvens 11
J Lynch not out 2
Extras 1
Total 85
Overs 36.4
FOW: 0 (D Scott) 10 (L Storey) 10 (A Taylor) 38 (L Corden) 63 (JF Healey) 63 (N Doonan) 71 (SO Dunne) 72 (DJ Carroll) 81 (Z Hunter) 85 (M Messemaker)
Bowling: M Ringin 8.0-6-1-5, L Rigby 5.0-2-2-19, B Palmer 13.0-3-5-32, D Kitchen 3.0-0-0-13, H Givvens 7.4-1-2-15.
H Givvens c L Corden b M Messemaker 6
W Ringin c SO Dunne b M Messemaker 13
S Squire c L Storey b J Lynch 28
L Brady c SO Dunne b N Doonan 7
+H Bond b JF Healey 26
M Flynn lbw b J Lynch 14
*L Rigby c & b L Corden 45
M Ringin lbw b Z Hunter 1
B Palmer b L Corden 4
D Kitchen not out 2
A Sinclair run out (D Scott, J Lynch) 1
Extras 13
Total 160
Overs 54.0
FOW: 15 (H Givvens) 31 (W Ringin) 38 (L Brady) 75 (H Bond) 96 (S Squire) 108 (M Flynn) 109 (M Ringin) 139 (B Palmer) 158 (L Rigby) 160 (A Sinclair)
Bowling: L Corden 16.0-9-2-21, M Messemaker 15.0-6-2-51, N Doonan 3.0-1-1-18, JF Healey 5.0-2-1-23, DJ Carroll 2.0-0-0-13, J Lynch 9.0-3-2-18, Z Hunter 4.0-1-1-7.
N Doonan
c & b D Kitchen 3
*D Scott lbw b D Kitchen 5
A Taylor c H Bond b D Kitchen 19
L Corden not out 20
JF Healey not out 44
Extras 6
Total 3/97
Overs 29.0
FOW: 3 (N Doonan) 27 (A Taylor) 31 (D Scott)
Bowling: A Sinclair 5.0-0-0-14, D Kitchen 8.0-1-3-36, L Rigby 4.0-0-0-14, B Palmer 3.0-1-0-3, S Squire 2.0-1-0-8, L Brady 4.0-1-0-4, M Flynn 2.0-1-0-4, H Bond 1.0-0-0-10.

North Ballarat def Wendouree
C Roscholler lbw b A Eddy 26
R Simmonds c S Jackson b AS McCafferty 6
M Begbie c M Nolan b A Eddy 22
+HI Pyke c D Price b C Miles 16
*G Webb c A Eddy b C Miles 8
C Jenkins lbw b A Eddy 1
J Peeters c L Lorenzen b C Miles 0
M Smith c L Lorenzen b A Eddy 0
J Butler lbw b A Eddy 0
L Hurse c & b C Miles 2
L Argall not out 0
Extras 11
Total 92
Overs 39.4
FOW: 17 (R Simmonds) 51 (C Roscholler) 66 (M Begbie) 89 (G Webb) 90 (HI Pyke) 90 (C Jenkins) 90 (M Smith) 90 (J Peeters) 90 (J Butler) 92 (L Hurse)
Bowling: AS McCafferty 7.0-3-1-7, J Crosbie 8.0-1-0-29, A Eddy 13.0-6-5-15, C Miles 11.4-2-4-32.
*L Lorenzen c M Smith b G Webb 39
J Tissera c & b L Argall 49
MA Zakynthinos c & b G Webb 9
C Miles c C Roscholler b J 30
+M Nolan c C Roscholler b L Argall 189
D Price c C Roscholler b R Simmonds 31
S Jackson lbw b R Simmonds 6
MJ Nicholson c ? b HI Pyke 8
J Crosbie c C Roscholler b HI Pyke 0
A Eddy not out 53
AS McCafferty lbw b J Peeters 8
Extras 23
Total 10/445
Overs 112.5
FOW: 91 (L Lorenzen) 96 (J Tissera) 110 (MA Zakynthinos) 172 (C Miles) 248 (D Price) 263 (S Jackson) 284 (MJ Nicholson) 284 (J Crosbie) 436 (M Nolan) 445 (AS McCafferty)
Bowling: J Butler 2.0-0-0-22, J Peeters 17.5-2-2-82, L Argall 34.0-6-2-128, R Simmonds 19.0-3-2-56, L Hurse 12.0-1-0-57, G Webb 10.0-2-2-22, C Jenkins 2.0-0-0-2, HI Pyke 14.0-5-2-43, M Begbie 2.0-0-0-17.