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Post Office Gallery Nineteen Contemporaries in Focus

The Post Office Gallery important annual exhibition SCOPE presents a selection of work by nineteen artists who are also teachers, lecturers and honorary staff of the Arts Academy, School of Arts.

Showcasing a selection of work in a range of media, the exhibition includes ceramics, painting, photography, design, printmaking, mixed-media and filmmaking, not only highlighting the skill of each artist but also reflecting the collective skill within the School.

Artists include; Dr Lisa Anderson, Dr Loris Button, Annette Chappell, Wind & Sky Productions (Lucinda Horrocks & Jary Nemo), Paul Mah, Ben Mangan, Dr Jill Orr, Jimmy Pasakos, Kim Percy, Peter Pilven, Pitcha Makin Fellas (Ted Laxton, Thomas Marks, Adrian Rigney, Peter-Shane Rotumah), Chrissie Smith, Dr Vin Ryan, Elke Varga and Dr Carole Wilson.

“Maintaining a sustained and rigorous art practice alongside the many and varied daytime and after-hour work pressures is quite a feat, let alone reaching the high standard required to exhibit on a regular basis for these colleagues”, said Shelley Hinton, Curator, Post Office Gallery.

Works include Jill Orr’s recent stunning performance recently filmed at the George Farmer building, Carole Wilson’s exquisite hand-cut and stitched collages, Dr Lisa Anderson’s striking bullet-holed metal objects and Elke Varga’s sublime minimalist silkscreened series on the colour ‘grey’.

“As the exhibition presents recent work, returning and newly enrolled Visual Arts students have the unique opportunity during FedUni’s Orientation Week next week from 25 February, to view work created by their existing or soon to be Visual Arts lecturers or Supervisors”, said Shelley. “While it’s an eclectic show, it presents a certain cohesion, reflective of pertinent personal and broader issues surrounding how as individuals we operate within contemporary society.”

SCOPE19 was formally opened by Professor Andrew Hope, Dean, School of Arts on Thu 14 Feb. The exhibition continues until Saturday 9 March 2019, Wednesday to Saturday, 12 to 5pm.