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Ballarat’s Grant Winners

Federal Member for Ballarat Catherine King.

Federal member for Ballarat, Catherine King today welcomed two grants announcements for Ballarat sports clubs through the federal Community Sport Infrastructure Grants program.

Napoleons Sebastopol Cricket Club

Napoleons Sebastopol Cricket Club has received a grant of $5,500 for the purchase of a Flicx portable cricket pitch.

These portable pitches allow the creation of a low maintenance, temporary cricket pitch in the middle of a football ground or other oval.

“This announcement will make a real difference to this community club”, Ms King said.

“We all know that sports participation is growing, particularly for young girls and boys, and this new pitch will allow even more to take part.”

“This pitch will allow our existing facilities to stretch further, and allow Napoleons Sebastopol Cricket Club to continue to grow”.

President of Napoleons Sebastopol Cricket Club, Luke Corden said ““This grant is a huge boost to our Junior Cricket program, helping us to provide more opportunities in the increasingly expanding Sebastopol/Delacombe region.”

“The grant will allow us to run our Woolworths Junior Blasters (5-7 year olds), Master Blasters (7-10), Stage 1 (U/11) and Stage 2 (U/13) cricket programs simultaneously at the same location, building a strong sense of community in the region.”

“We’re extremely grateful to Ms King and her office for their support for grassroots cricket.”.

Ballarat Lawn Tennis Club

Ballarat Lawn Tennis Club has received $23,076 to erect windscreens around their courts and create a new website.

The club, based at Prince of Wales Park, has continual issues with wind causing difficulties and car headlights interrupting night games. These windmeshes will shelter the courts from both of these issues.

“Ballarat Lawn Tennis Club is a growing club, and this announcement will allow it to go from strength to strength,” Ms King said.

“These improvements will not only allow games to take place under better conditions, but will make an important difference with kids learning the game and practising not having to confront the additional challenge of gusty winds.”

“We know that many in our community play and enjoy tennis, and this investment will only allow more to take part with confidence.”

Secretary of the Ballarat Lawn Tennis Club, Denis Day said “this grant will enable to club to provide much improved playing environment for members.”

“The creation of a new website will allow the Club to integrate social media such as Facebook and Instagram to promote the activities of the club more effectively”.