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Council Plan quarterly report released

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The City of Ballarat has released its Council Plan for the first quarter of the 2018-19 financial year.
The 2017-2021 Council Plan is a strategic document outlining what the City of Ballarat will do to achieve it and the community’s vision of Ballarat as a proud, bold, vibrant and thriving city.

It is an important document that drives everything the City of Ballarat does over the four-year period, as well as determining the projects, services, events and other initiatives that will be funded and delivered in the next financial year.
Each of the Council Plan goals has a number of measures that track Council’s progress.

In the first quarter of 2018-19, Council:
 Completed a Social Policy Framework that sets out its position on key social issues, such as alcohol, gambling and affordable housing
 Applied for an integrated funding model through the Federal Government’s City Deals and Smart Cities and Suburbs programs. This resulted in a $350,000 grant to deliver a citywide data platform, public Internet of Things network and a ‘Digital Living Lab’ at the Lake Wendouree precinct
 Delivered Ballarat Strategy headline actions, including beautification of the City’s entrances and boulevards
 Launched the City of Ballarat Gender Equity Strategy of 50/50 by 2020 and accompanying Action Plan. This strategy is focused on what we need to do to improve gender equity within our organisation. The plan is available for viewing on Council’s website.

City of Ballarat Mayor Cr Samantha McIntosh said the Council Plan was underpinned by the Today Tomorrow Together: The Ballarat Strategy, which is a plan for our city until 2040 that outlines the community’s vision of a greener, more vibrant and connected Ballarat.
“The Council Plan is a vital document that outlines each of our goals in the areas of liveability, prosperity, sustainability and accountability,” Cr McIntosh said.
“It is the practical blueprint to ensure the goals we set at the start of our council term are being progressed and met in a timely manner to ensure Ballarat is a great place to live, that it is thriving, that we are sustainable and also that we are accountable to our community.”