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Police Lane Transformed into Billboard Soapbox

Sometimes we have the best intentions but time, or lack of and know-how, can keep us back from getting involved in projects.
This is where local artists Heather Horrocks and Marg Dobson, collectively known as the Pike-Lettes, will make life easier for those of us who are time poor or just don’t want to get bogged down with pages of documents.
Heather and Marg are hoping their new public art display will spark a conversation in the community about the Creative City Strategy.

The pair has transformed Ballarat’s Police Lane into a billboard – with the Draft Creative City Strategy the centrepiece.

But their creative aspirations do not stop there.

Naming their work Billboard Soapbox, Heather and Marg will be holding regular reading performances between now and the end of community consultation on the strategy to encourage discussion, discourse and debate within the community.

“Marg is a theatrical performer and I’m a visual textile artist,” Heather said.
“We have attended most of the consultation processes on the creative arts strategy and we hear the grumblings from people and just think we’ll make it easy.

“We really did believe that a creative arts strategy deserved a creative launching or a creative outing, otherwise its just like any other strategy so we decided we could probably do that if we got our heads together.”
The soapbox will be held next Wednesday 5.30 – 6.30 in Police Lane and after speaking with Heather yesterday, I can guarantee that it won’t be dull.
“Margaret will be on her soapbox and she has a very long pointer and we will encourage people to follow it and we will highlight a couple of things,” Heather chuckled.
Adding more seriously, “In fact, we have read the Strategy and it is quite interesting and between us we came up with a list.
“We would love to see as many people as possible on Wednesday and encourage them to read (the Draft Creative City Strategy) and we will help them by pointing out the relevant bits.

“It is not just for artists, audiences are the most important part and in fact thousands of people turn out to events in Ballarat and most of them would never in a fit read a document like that, however they are entitled to have an opinion, as is everybody, it’s really important.”
The soapbox will be entertaining and informative and also give us a giggle, Heather says you can’t take things too seriously.

The Draft Creative City Strategy and accompanying master plan are currently available to download and review from mysay.ballarat.vic.gov.au

Ballarat’s Creative City Strategy will:
1. Start with our strong arts and culture core, and make it even stronger.
2. Expand the reach and impact of our arts and culture offering throughout our community – making it an essential part of what Ballarat is all about and what we all experience.
3. Continue to grow and expand our creative industries sector – the digital games developers, fashion designers, architects, film makers, publishers, jewellery makers, advertisers and so on – so it becomes a key economic sector in Ballarat.
4. Actively work to bring together creatives and creative industries with our other Ballarat industries – to co-design solutions to problems, to inspire each other, to collaborate and to innovate.
5. Seek to use all of this to address broader community issues for Ballarat – using arts, culture, creativity and innovation – to be life affirming and life changing; to enrich our lives and build stronger, more cohesive communities.
Community consultation closes 1 February 2019.