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Head of Creative at Amazon Advertising US coming to Ballarat

Cecilia Ambros will travel to Ballarat on Monday 4 February in what will be a first for world leading creativity-infused business event – Pause Fest.

It’s all part of the inaugural Pause Fest Speaker Ambassador Program (SAP) to support Ballarat’s STEAM powered community.

Only days before her appearance at Fed Square in Melbourne, Ambros will speak with local year 11 and 12 students throughout the day, before taking to the stage at the Mining Exchange to present to residents, local businesses, future founders and leaders.

The ticketed event, which is proudly presented by the City of Ballarat and strongly aligned with the Creative City Strategy, is expected to attract a large audience
Cecilia will share her experiences and practical knowledge of innovation, thought leadership, entrepreneurship, and digital transformation to inspire the audience to push creativity beyond what has been imagined before.
Cecilia is known for her work in developing innovative strategies to drive organisational change and stakeholder engagement and has become responsible for some of Amazon’s most effective campaigns.

Ballarat Mayor Samantha McIntosh said Pause Fest’s only regional event gives local school students, business owners and future startup entrepreneurs an opportunity to learn from someone well-versed in understanding what makes a great user experience – from building a startup to entering a global market.

“The draft Creative City Strategy’s mission is to develop Ballarat as an economy and a community powered by STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics), and this event helps to bolster the innovative ideas and concepts being generated in our community,” she said.

“When we add creativity, empathy, communication and collaboration to the science, technology, engineering and maths skills already being taught in our schools, great things happen.
“We want to use those great things to boost Ballarat’s confidence, reputation and innovation – to demand our discovery by others.”

Having the opportunity for Ballarat residents to hear from a global leader in business about how the disciplines of creativity, technology and business are all necessary to improve the customer experience in our rapidly changing world is what excites her the most.

“It’s everything we set out to achieve with the Creative City Strategy. Although still in draft form, the strategy is intended to be all-encompassing, taking that intrinsic Ballarat creative spirit and applying it not just to consolidating Ballarat as an internationally notable centre for arts and culture, but also applying it to our city’s continuous innovation, economic growth and social sustainability,” she said.

“We want to take Ballarat’s creative spirit, reward our inquisitive citizens and nurture the development of innovative concepts and ideas within our community.

“By having Cecilia speak about her experience, which demonstrates the great effects of collaboration across all of those areas, we hope to demonstrate to Ballarat the intent of the draft strategy,” she said.
“This is an exciting time in Ballarat. We have fantastic support now available for entreprenuers via programs such as StartUp Ballarat and Runway, our arts community continues to thrive and we are seeing more and more collaboration happening between our successful established businesses and our growing creative and tech sectors and education providers.”
Pause Fest is an internationally renowned event that brings together the finest creative and business minds from across the globe to spark new ideas for the worlds of business, creativity and innovation. You can find out more at pausefest.com.au

Tickets to hear Cecilia Ambros speak in Ballarat are $20 and can be purchased online through eventbrite