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Ballarat tennis future is bright

As the world’s top tennis players, including Zoe Hives from Kingston, take to the courts at the Australian Open this week, Ballarat tennis players can now play on the same surface used on the tennis courts at Melbourne Park.

Ballarat Regional Tennis Centre recently unveiled 12 courts resurfaced in a blue acrylic two-coat surface, called plexicushion prestige – the official surface of the Australian Open.

The $108,000 project was jointly funded by the City of Ballarat, which contributed $88,000, and Ballarat Regional Tennis Centre, which contributed $20,000, and was completed by contractor Match Point Systems.

The resurfacing works began in early November and were completed mid-December in preparation for the Ballarat Open tennis tournament, a lead-in points ranking event to the Australian Tennis Open.

Ballarat Regional Tennis Centre is the region’s premier tennis facility for major tennis tournaments, such as the Ballarat Open Platinum and Gold 18s Tournament, which was recently held from December 18-22, 2018 – a high-level senior event for players just outside the pro ranks.

More than 800 people play tennis at Ballarat Regional Tennis Centre each week. The centre caters to schools, casual tennis and competition use year-round. The hard courts were last resurfaced 12 years ago and required a surface upgrade to cater for ongoing demand, including major tennis events.