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Clunes Golf Club 13-1-19
Sunday Comp – Stableford
Winner: Graham Johnstone 37 points
Runner up Les Lockie 34 points
On a countback from kevin Steart and Willy Bogaers
NTP 3rd Phil Johnson
Magpie Ball 10th Ian Rowland
Straightest Drive 18th Margaret Fox

Midlands Golf Club
The Midlands Golf Club Ladies and Mens golf Stableford event was played in warm to mild conditions on Saturday on great fairways and greens. The overall winner of the Ladies Stableford event was won by the lovely Jude Marshall with a score of 36 and the Mens event and Privilege Cup was won by Allan Brennan with a great high score of 41 points.
LADIES event
1st Jude Marshall (36)
2nd Wendy Burns (34)
Pro Comp Balls:
Jude Marshall
Wendy Burns
Lee-Anne Day
Birdie Balls:
Lee-Anne Day
NTP 3rd hole:
Lee-Anne Day
MENS event
A Grade:
1st Craig Boucher (39)
2nd Steve Britnell (38)
3rd Rick Delaland (37)CB
B Grade:
1st Allan Brennan (41)
2nd Chris Evans (39)
3rd Michael Roche (38)CB
C Grade:
1st Bob Gracie (40)CB
2nd Anthony Haintz (40)
3rd Michael Ciavarella (39)
NTP 3rd hole:
Shannon Dawkins
NTP 11th hole:
Donald Trump
NTP 16th hole:
Garry Harrison
The Punters hole:
Nathan Skewes
Birdie Balls:
Shannon Dawkins
Garry Harrison
Craig Boucher
Craig Boucher
Nick Haintz
Rick Hills
Neil Quinlan
Ian Boyd
Jason Carabott
Jason Carabott
Bradley Duke
Michael Ciavarella
Pro Comp Balls:
Allan Brennan
Bob Gracie
Anthony Haintz
Michael Ciavarella
Craig Boucher
Chris Evans
Tynan Haintz
Michael Roche
Jason Carabott
Steve Britnell
Jeroen Boersma
Mark Malone
Jack Dean
Bernie Klein
Garry Harrison
Ian Penberthy
Rick Delaland
Mick Freak
Brendan Maher
Rob Beseler
Martin Plumb
Duncan Ritchie
Jack Bourke
John Cody

Creswick Golf Club
Members contested the January Mothly Medal round, 12/1/19, from the Black Tees with Don Curnow and Czes Mytyk tying for the honor. A playoff next month to decide the winner. Don won the daily award on countback from Czes and visitor John Nesci.
Don Curnow 70 c/b
Czes Mytyk 70 c/b
John Nesci 70
Paul Medic 72
Steve Macaulay 73 c/b
Comp Balls – N Taylor, M Smith, T Kelly, R Block, J Taylor, D Marshall, S Slade, B Anstey, G Raworth, T Cunnington, J Mytyk, P Bates, M Loveless
NTP’s – 3rd and 13th R Rosenow, 17th D Curnow
Punters – 8th R Cartledge
Magpie – 7th Mark Smith (Eagle)
Ferret – P Bates
Birdie – 6th D Marshall
Thursday Bag Boy results
J Green 41
T Cunnington 37
M Loveless 35