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Clunes Golf Club
6-1-19 Sunday Comp – Stroke – Monthly Medal
Winner: Willy Bogaers 101-32-69
On countback from Ray Skinner 89-20-69
Due to the draw, the January Monthly Medal to be played off.
NTP 11th Ray Skinner
NTP 17th Rob Dixon
NTP 18th Ian Rowland
Magpie Ball 10th Lawrie Lees
Eagle’s Nest 10th Lawrie Lees
Longest Putt 9th Lawrie Lees 4.36 metres
The 2018 Medalist of the Year was also played off with five qualifiers with Kevin Steart winning, 92-20-72

Creswick Golf Club
Saturday Par Event 05/01/2019
1st – Nathan Taylor +6
2nd – Dean Marshall +5 on c/b
3rd – Czes Mytyk +5
4th – Peter Lockett +2
Pro Comp balls: Ian Flynn, Shane Armstrong, Rhys Bennett, Russ Cartledge, Graeme Raworth, John Thomas and John Mytyk.
NTP – 3rd – R Cartledge, 8th – D Marshall, 13th – R Cartledge & 17th – D Marshall
Birdie Balls: P Tacey, R Bennett, W Townsing, R Cartledge & M Peters
Eagles: G Treacy
Thursday Bagboys 03/01/2019
1st – Russ Cartledge 39pts
2nd – Dean Marshall 35pts on c/b
3rd – Peter Kluzek 35pts on c/b
4th – John Thomas 35pts

Ballarat Golf Club
9.1.19 Mens Single Par
A Grade
First Rhys Hynes +8
Second Paddy Murphey +4 C/B
Third Stephen Bibby +4 C/B
B Grade
First Scott Illingworth +4
Second Larry Gilmore +2
Third Peter Ridley 0
NTP 17th Dan Staples
Ball Comp.
Eric Dawe +3
Shane Lenehan +2
Gerry Weber +2
Graham Wilson +2
Larry Gilmore +2
Richard Lawrence +1
David Todd +1
Matthew Stewart +1

8.1.19 Competition:Open Single Stableford
A Grade
First Roger Stephens 39pts C/B
Second Greg Palmer 39pts C/B
Third Graeme Hubble 39pts C/B Tony Brandenburg
B Grade
First Peter Shine 39pts C/B
Second Rick Schwanker 39pts
Third Colin McCurry 38pts
C Grade
First Glen Williamson 42pts
Second Mick Woodman 41pts C/B
Third Santino Antonuccia 41pts
Ball Comp.
Garry Harrowfield 40pts
Dennis Cavanagh 35pts
Eric Christopher 40pts
George Jenkyn 35pts
Tony Brandenburg 39pts
Frank Hurley 35pts
Greg Bennett 38pts
Dennis Faulkner 35pts
Ross Jones 37pts
Peter Netherway 35pts
Don Ringin 37pts
Karl Reynolds 37pts
Barry Antonio 36pts
Rob Wallace 36pts
Ian Forbes 36pts
Open Single Stableford Date: 6.1.19
A Grade First Trent Chamberlin 40pts
Second Justin Kent 39pts C/B Paddy Murphy
B Grade First Adrian Klein 40pts C/B
Second Tony Bonnici 40pts
Ball Comp
Brenton Walker 38pts
Simon Millar 38pts
Joel Smith 37pts
Phil Chamberlin 36pts
Deakin Millar 35pt

Monthly Medal Stroke 5.1.19
Monthly Medal Winner: Phil Davidson 69 nett
A Grade
Winner Phil Davidson 69 nett
Runner Up Scott Burns 72 nett C/B
Third Brenton Walker 72 nett C/B Nick Lyons 72 nett
B Grade
Winner Tim Walker 71 nett
Runner Up Ian Ferguson 73 nett
Third Jim Watkins 74 nett C/B Dave Hinves 74 nett
C Grade
Winner Rod Stewart 74 nett C/B
Runner Up Stuart Ritchie 74 nett
Third John Creek 75 nett C/B Scott Phillips & Rod Toar 75 nett
Blue Tees
Winner Dennis Moody 69 nett C/B
Runner Up Mick Hunter 69 nett C/B
Third Barry Cook 69 nett
Winner Bernadette Clark 72 nett C/B
Runner-Up Pauline Murphy 72 nett
Nearest the Pin
6th Men Cam Crilly
6th Ladies Pauline Murphy
8th A Grade Simon De-Zeote Spiero
8th B Grade Michael Hallahan
8t8 C Grade Dennis Moody
11th Mixed John Creek
17th Pro Pin Black Tee Geoff Reed
17th Pro Pin Blue Tee Ross Armstrong
17th Pro Pin Ladies Kay Johnston
Birdies 8th Hole: Tony Brandenburg, Simon DeZoete-Spiero, Jack Goosens, Mark Bibby, Murray Park, Phil Trevenen, Trevor Clayton
Eagles: Tim Walker – 2nd

Midlands Golf Club
The first Mens Monthly Medal event for the new year was played in cool conditions after the recent heat. Richard Castles was the winner of the January Monthly Medal with an excellent standout score of 64 net. The best Scratch score was Rob Wallace with a great score of 72.
A Grade:
1st Rob Wallace (67)
2nd Adrian Dart (69)CB
3rd John Wills (69)
B Grade:
1st Richard Castles (64)
2nd Warren McKenzie (67)
3rd Michael Roche (69)
C Grade:
1st Michael Grose (67)
2nd Steven Godbold (68)
3rd Gary Williams (69)
NTP 3rd hole: Shaun Davidson
NTP 11th hole: Barry Robinson
NTP 16th hole: Simon McKenzie
Punters hole: Neil Haase
Birdie Balls: Duane Bodey, Peter Dean, Jayden Orr, Joshua Kennedy, Steven Rajki, Greg Carter, Simon McKenzie, John Larsen, David Foy, Michael Torpy, Neil Quinlan
Eagles Nest: Chris Delaland, Scott Henry
Pro Comp Balls: Richard Castles, Warren McKenzie, Rob Wallace, Michael Grose, Steven Godbold, Adrian Dart, Gary Williams, John Wills, Michael Roche, David Both, Greg Carter, Shaun McArthur, Kyle Orr, Ron Sculley, John Dillon, Arnold Masters, Neil Quinlan, Peter Carmichael, Steven Britnell, Joshua Kennedy, Jack Dean, Barry Mathews, Jason Vostenbosch, Jeroen Boersma, Ian Penberthy, Mitch Taylor, Anthony Harrison
Best Gross Score: Rob Wallace (72)
Winner of the Monthly Medal: Richard Castles