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Golf Results

The Creswick Golf Club hosted a small but very talented field of non-beach going golfers on Saturday 30th.
They competed for the December Privilege Cup. Their skills were reflected in the exceptional stableford scores.
1st C.Perry 45pts, 2nd R.McLeod 43pts, 3rd F.Erkamps 41pts, 4th P.Lockett 40pts. Pro comps 36pts or better G.Treacy, I.Flynn, M.Peters, J.Green, J.Taylor, N.Taylor. Ferret draw N.Taylor. Birdie draw J.Taylor, C.Perry, W.Townsing, S.Slade. NTP’s 3rd(punters)P.Bates, 8th J.Shackleton, 13th C.Mytyk, 17th R.Cartledge, Magpie J.Shackleton.
Bagboys – Thursday 27/12/2018
1st – Russ Cartledge – 40pts
2nd – Lukas Stevens – 38pts
3rd – Chris Perry – 36pts on c/b
4th -Rob Rosenow – 36pts
Privilege Cup – Saturday 29/12/2018
1st – Chris Perry – 45pts
2nd – Rob McLeod – 43pts
3rd – Fred Erkamps – 41pts
4th – Peter Lockett – 40pts on c/b
5th – Glenn Treacy – 40pts

Clunes Golf Club Sunday Comp 30-12-18
Winner: Willy Bogaers 38 points
Runner up Dean Marshall 37 points
On a count back from Brendon Butler
NTP 3rd Brendon Butler
NTP 8th Ray Skinner
NTP 11th Ian Rowland
NTP 17th Earle Kent
Magpie Ball 10th Ray Skinner