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The Meg

Starring Jason Statham, Li Bingbing, Rainn Wilson and Ruby Rose
Director: Jon Turteltaub
Genre: Science fiction, Fantasy
Runs: 113 Minutes
Rated: PG
Special Features: The Making of The Meg: Director and the cast reveal the challenges and fun of working in open water. Creating the actual beast
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How large can we make a shark? This blockbuster has Jason Statham and Aussie girl Ruby Rose fighting a 22.5 metre Megalodon shark, a fish long thought extinct. Steven Spielberg’s 1975 classic ‘Jaws’ turned sharks into bad tooth celebrities that are now constantly apart of our culture through events such as “Shark Week” and the five “Sharknado” films plus many others. Now it’s a dinosaur creating havoc as Jason Statham plays Jonas Taylor a rescue diver, who specialises in deep sea rescues.

As the film opens, he is presented with a dilemma; does he abandon two of his friends to rescue a mini-sub full of survivors? Seems there’s a mysterious and unseen beast trying to crush the submarine. Five years later Taylor’s a wreck, an alcoholic who seems to have retired. Billionaire Jack Morris (Rainn Wilson) decides to fund a massive underwater research facility off the coast of China called Mana One. They aim to prove that the floor of the Mariana Trench is a layer of Thermocline and that there is a hidden level of the ocean underneath what’s believed to be the lowest point in the ocean. Surprise, surprise they’re right. But there are many new monsters in this deep undersea world, including a malevolent and wickedly smart shark which easily attacks the ultra-deep-sea research vessel so, who do you call when a vessel is trapped over 3.3 kilometres underwater?

Jonas Taylor of course, ‘The Meg’ is the biggest shark in movie history. There are some really Interesting questions that are never answered such as the ocean pressure is 324 atmospheres at 3.2 Kilometres so why doesn’t “The Meg” just explode? The film is very much a Jason Statham vehicle and Ruby Rose’s edgy; punk rock engineer character is very good. The Director Jon Turteltaub and his cast are
well aware what kind of movie they are making and deliver a B grade movie full of one liners, action and suspense.

It is also one of Statham’s best films. The special effects are impressive and author Steve Alten gives us a film that should have been rated MA15plus, so we could see more action from the Megalodon. That was probably my main disappointment; it could have been a lot more frightening.Statham fans will certainly enjoy his work here, as he’s asked to be a bit lighter and more pleasant than his usual characters. Simple, predictable, and lots of fun that what’s in store for you and don’t be surprised if a sequel follows.

7 out of 10