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Take extra care on the roads this Christmas season

Regional Roads Victoria (RRV) is urging drivers to put safety first this holiday season and take extra care on the roads.
RRV Chief Regional Roads Officer Paul Northey said it was a busy time of year as people travel across the state to visit their loved ones.

“We know that people have a lot on their mind leading into the holidays – but when you get behind the wheel it’s important that you pay attention to what you and others are doing on the road,” he said.
“Be aware of the driving conditions, particularly if there is bad weather or if you’re driving on unfamiliar roads. Watch out for cyclists and pedestrians, especially at busy tourist destinations.

“If you plan on drinking, don’t plan on driving – it’s just not worth the risk. And remember, it’s always better to arrive at your destination safely than to put your life and the lives of others at risk by speeding, using your phone or driving while tired.”
Mr Northey said RRV crews had been working hard in the lead up to Christmas and aimed to be off the road as much as possible over the busy holiday period to limit disruptions.

“You will have seen our crews out fixing roads right across regional Victoria over the past months – where possible, we’ll be off the road these holidays so everyone travelling can get to where they are going with minimal disruptions.
“If you do come across one of our work sites, please remember to slow down and obey the signed speed limits and traffic management on site.
“We’re committed to providing safe conditions for all road users and encourage the community to notify us about road issues by calling us on 133 778.
“From all of us at RRV, safe travels this Christmas!”