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Wednesday Comp 26-12-18
Stroke – Monthly Medal (‘Old Boys’)
Winner: Ian Rowland 88-18-70
(including Monthly Medal)
Runner-up: Lawrie Lees 92-20-72
On a count back from Willy Bogaers
NTP 8th Willy Bogaers

Sunday Comp 23-12-18
Winner: Willy Bogaers 100-34-66
Runner-up Lawrie Lees 88-20-68
NTP 3rd Lawrie Lees
NTP 7th Willy Bogaers
NTP 8th Willy Bogaers
NTP 11th Ian Rowland
NTP 17th Earle Kent
NTP 18th Dean Marshall
Magpie Ball 10th Ian Rowland

Creswick Golf Club 22/12/18
Maurice Mahar and Bill Van Rossum teamed up to win a very close contest in a 2 person ambrose event.
M Mahar / W Van Rossum 64.5
D Marshall / J Mytyk 64.75 c/b
D Curnow / I Flynn 64.75
T Kelly / S Slade 66
J Thomas / P Bates 66.5 c/b
W Townsing / R Rosenow 66.5
N Taylor / J Taylor 67.25
NTP’s – 3rd L Love, 8th D Curnow, 13th W Van Rossum, 17th R Block
Magpie – 4th R Rosenow
Thursday Bag Boys
L Stevens 45
T Cunnington 40
J Scarlett 39