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Sovereign Hill Community Heritage Grant

The Sovereign Hill Museums Association has been awarded a $9000 federal Community Heritage Grant to fund the conservation treatment of the Chinese processional lion, a part of the Ballarat Joss House processional assemblage.

This year, grants worth $367,470 were distributed to 60 community groups and organisations from around Australia to assist in the identification and preservation of community owned but nationally significant heritage collections.
Gold Museum Senior Curator, Michelle Smith, said the grant was important in supporting the effort to preserve the Chinese processional assemblage at the grassroots level.

The work on the lion will be undertaken by the Grimwade Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation at the University of Melbourne. This is the first part of the Chinese processional assemblage to receive conservation treatment under the Awaken the Dragon fund-raising appeal. The appeal is continuing to seek funds to conserve the Ballarat Chinese dragon, the Australia’s oldest dragon, as well as other elements of the assemblage including silk banners and costumes.

Director-General of the National Library of Australia, Dr Marie-Louise Ayres, said the National Library was particularly delighted this year to again receive applications from all over the country.
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