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Ballarat Tech School Girls in STEM day

Recently the Ballarat Tech School held its final Girls in STEM day in partnership with Mars Wrigley Confectionery focusing on Engineering pathways and chocolate innovation. The program day was designed by 4 amazing women from Mars; Leah an Electrical & Controls Engineer, Christine a Team Leader; Barline, Pods & M&M’s and has a background in Civil Engineering, Heather a CVS Manager focusing on Commissioning, Validating and Start-up and Alice a Senior Scientist – Raw Materials.

Students were exposed to the breadth and depth of Engineering degrees and the transferability of skills across Industry areas to work as a team to complete a Mars Bar Chocolate Challenge.

The day focused on “end to end” product development replicating the process at Mars and learning about the food manufacturing industry. During the day students used 3D Modelling Technology, responded to consumer profiles to design and create a new flavour of Mars Bar, made the Mars Bar, designed and packaged the product, participated in a Quality Panel and pitched their product before it was assessed for quality, consistency and creativity.

Critical thinking through mathematical calculations was a key part of the day as students measured product outcomes for size and consistency, product waste and costed per piece their new design when adding flavours to create a sale price point. The winning team walked away from the day with a Golden Ticket and a wonderful opportunity to enjoy.