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National Theatres December Production
Director Peter Nethercote will stage the dark and hilarious comedy “Natural Causes” written by Eric Chappell as this year’s Christmas offering from Ballarat National Theatre.
Walter Bryce lives in a Georgian country house with a lovely garden and a trout stream. Vincent is from Exodus, a euthanasia group that assists people in suicide. When he is invited to Walter’s house to assist in the disposal of Walter’s wife, Celia, he senses something is wrong. Why are the suicide notes unsigned? What is the role of Walter’s attractive secretary? Why has the Samaritan been sent for? Will any of them die willingly or unwillingly, from natural causes? Several attempts to do away with various characters result in multiple poisonings of a rubber plant. Will anyone actually drink the potion? The show is on December 1, 2, 6, 7 and 8 at 8pm and December 2nd and 8th at 2pm. A special charity performance will take place on Saturday December 3rd with all proceeds going to the Save Her Majesty’s Theatre Appeal. Bookings for all tickets through Majestix online or 5333 5888

From original London show.