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Avenue of Honour at Kingston

At the 11th hour, on the 11th day, of November 2018 a silence descended in the Avenue of Honour at Kingston.

It was part of the Armistice Centenary, one of the many commemorations across our district.

A very large crowd, which included descendants, families and the community reflected on the service and sacrifices of those commemorated and those who have served in all wars.

Alan Morris, President of the Creswick Smeaton RSL, explained,  “The centenary of the Armistice is a day of enormous significance to allied nations since it was the end of the war on the Western Front.  It was to be the war to the end all wars. The day, now known as Remembrance Day,  commemorates all those who have died or suffered as a result of World War One and in all armed conflicts since.”

Volunteer Brian Reasons with a wreath to lay at the cenotaph.

The Avenue was planted in 1918/1919 by the grieving and thankful community of the former Shire of Creswick. It honours the service of men and women who ventured into World War 1. “Families regularly pay homage to their tree/s creating a connection for the next generations. The future of this sacred place is in the hands of these young people,”  stated Julie Baulch,  President of Kingston, Friends of the Avenue.